Lots Of Fun On The Way!

First and foremost, we want to say thank you to every one of you.  Thank you for your patience and adaptability as we have muddled through some changes over the past few months.  Some have worked and others haven’t, I suppose that’s part of it.

We are very excited about our most recent decision to move our classes to an hour long.  This gives us the ability to better serve you, our members. We will be starting our ALL NEW PROGRAMMING on Monday, November 5th which will include: a focused warm-up, WOD, strength or gymnastic work, and a mobility cool down.  

*BONUS* You will also have access to additional strength and gymnastics pieces you can choose from which will complement our classes.  This is something we have wanted since the beginning, and can’t wait to see all the gains about to take place.  

We understand your time is valuable, and we are doing our best to keep classes close to their original times.  We have chosen the following class times to accommodate our new programming. 5:30am, 9:15am (M/W/F), 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm (*no 6:30 class on Fridays), Saturday 10am.  

CrossFit Lubbock has been the best in the area for one reason, our amazing members.  We take our roles very seriously, knowing we are incredibly blessed to have you stand by our sides as we strive to make the best even better!

We are thankful for each and every one of you, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak with us!!!

Kristin and Ryan


Pardon our Dust!

Hello Everyone!

As many of you have noticed, there has been quite a bit of hub-ub going on the last week or so.  

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to the few of you I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting.  My name is Dr. Ryan Doss, and I am a Sports and Rehab Chiropractor that has been working in the CrossFit community with Steven and David since they started in CrossFit Lubbock.  I've had the pleasure of working with the some of the finest people and competitors Lubbock has to offer and am looking forward to getting to know each of you even better!

Kristin and I have worked hand in hand caring for athletes for over 4 years, and are excited to bring our small mark to the CrossFit Lubbock community.  Don't worry, we are doing our very best to keep the things you love intact, while expanding our ability to reach future CrossFitters!  Please pardon the dust, there are cool things coming!

I look forward to seeing you and working out with you in the gym.  I will be moving my practice,  Endurance Chiropractic and Sports Therapy, into the gym on June 1st!  If we haven't been introduced, please stop by and say hello!

Dr. Doss

Kristin and Ryan.jpg

The Future is Bright

Dear CFLBK family,

I want to start by saying “thank you.” 

Thank you for all of the unforgettable memories. Thank you for all of the lifelong friendships. Thank you for all of the opportunities being your coach and leader has afforded me. I am so grateful for this gym and the people that fill it. 

CrossFit Lubbock is transitioning to new ownership. It was very important to me to pass this on to someone who is already apart of this great community and cares deeply for it. After talking to several prospects, I landed on possibly the most obvious option: Kristin Tucker. 


Many of your know Kristin already. She is truly an awesome person. She’s been gym/team “mom” for years, so now we’re making it official! Kristin will be partnering with Dr. Ryan Doss (owner of Endurance Chiropractic). Many of you have been treated by Dr. Doss. That will now be an even more feasible option as he is moving his practice into your gym!

Some of you have already heard this news, but I wanted the opportunity to tell you all myself, as ambiguity and rumors can create the worst stories possible. First, I still love CrossFit, and even more, I love CrossFit Lubbock. I am not going anywhere. I will still be coaching the 5:30 am class, programming the class WODs, and working out at CFLBK. As you may or may not know, I co-founded a real estate investment company a couple of years ago called Rebus Capital. As both Rebus and CFLBK grew, I became increasingly stretched thin. I found myself not having the time or energy to devote enough to either occupation. That is unfair to the gym, the coaches, and the members. Everyone loses. I trust that Kristin and Ryan will take this gym and run with it. You have to go “all in” to take something that’s good and make it great. That’s exactly what they’re doing! 

I hope that you are excited! I ask that you give them the same chance that you gave me. Change is difficult, but I believe this is a change for the better. They have some exciting plans ahead and I’m looking forward to standing alongside as our gym and community grows. 

Thank you again for trusting me as your leader for the past four years. The future is bright. I love you all.


Regionals Schedule

Hey everyone! 

As many of you know, CrossFit Lubbock's team will be competing in Salt Lake City this weekend. If you're not able to make it, you can cheer from home on the CrossFit Games Facebook page, Games.CrossFit.com, or CBSsports.com. Our schedule will be a tad different, but Tim will be there for all of our classes! Follow the schedule below:

Wednesday, May 16
All classes, no open gym

Thursday, May 17
All classes, no open gym

Friday, May 18
All classes, no open gym

Saturday, May 19
Class at 8:00 am, none at 10:00 am

Monday, May 21
All classes except the noon, no open gym

Tuesday, May 22
Back to our regular schedule!

Holiday Schedule

Christmas is around the corner! We will have a limited schedule between Christmas and New Years Day.

Monday (12/18) through Sunday (12/24) we will maintain our normal schedule. The following week will be adjusted as follows:

Monday (12/25): Closed
Tuesday (12/26): 5:15 pm class only
Wednesday (12/27): 5:15 pm class only
Thursday (12/28): 5:15 pm class only
Friday (12/29): 5:15 pm class only
Saturday (12/30): 10:00 am class only
Sunday (12/31): Closed
Monday (1/1): Closed

Tuesday (1/2) we will return to our normal schedule!


Personal Coaching at CFLBK

Meet Greg:


Greg Wilson is one of our personal coaching clients at CrossFit Lubbock. He's not a CrossFit Games or Regionals athlete. He's a normal guy who works at Texas Tech, has a family and a life outside of CrossFit. He wanted something that would challenge him and keep him interested. That's when he found a trainer and began his CrossFit journey. Here's Greg's experience as CFLBK Personal Coaching client:

Starting CrossFit and working with a personal coach changed my body and changed my life.
What I had been doing at the gym by myself all my adult life wasn’t accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish. Especially when I started putting on weight 10 years ago, I was less and less happy with the “dad bod” I saw in the mirror.

I’ve lost almost 50 pounds working with the coaches at CrossFit Lubbock and eating right over the last year. The workouts bring me new challenges every session—I never get bored. The coaches help me set goals and push past them. They listen and help me work around little strains and aches session to session. They are attentive to my form and make corrections to help me build strength and mobility.

At 50, I’m back to wearing the pants size I wore in High School and my cholesterol numbers are back in normal ranges. I feel strong!
— Greg Wilson

Greg is just one of many happy personal coaching clients at CrossFit Lubbock. Though the most popular goal with our clients is to drop body fat and get healthy, we also work with athletes trying to walk-on at Texas Tech, ladies trying to compete at their first powerlifting meet, and people simply wanting to spend a month one-on-one with a coach before diving into classes.

With over 30 years of combined coaching experience, the CFLBK coaching staff is more than capable to guide you toward your goals! Let's get started.

Here's how it works: 

  • Decide how many days/week you want to train.
    • 4-5 days: $400/month
    • 3 days: $300/month
    • 2 days: $200/month
  • Show up between 5:00 am and 2:00 pm any weekdays.
  • Get started NOW! Contact us below to schedule your first session with your coach.
Name *

Thanksgiving Schedule

To give our hard working coaches a break and allow them to spend some quality time with their families, CrossFit Lubbock will be closed from Wednesday (11/22) through the rest of the week. We will resume our regular schedule next Monday (11/27). Happy Thanksgiving!

Goodbye DP

If you have spent much time at CrossFit Lubbock, you have likely been impacted by Derrick Peoples in a positive way. DP has been a huge part of our community! He always finds a way to put a smile on your face. 

He is beginning a new adventure in Dallas, TX. We are exciting for him, but we will certainly miss him. Today (11/21) is Derrick's last day in Lubbock. If you get the chance, swing by the gym or send him a message and let him know how much he has meant to you. 


Derrick, thank you for all of the time and energy you have invested in our gym and our community. We love you and we will miss you, brother! 

CFLBK Ladies: Swap Not Shop

Come to CrossFit Lubbock this Saturday (9/9) from 3:30-5:00 pm for a clothing & accessory exchange!


Bring any clothing, purses, jewelry, and shoes that you want to trade with the other CFLBK ladies.

BYOB and snacks. Call/text Alyssa Willis at 806-392-3132 if you have questions!

Labor Day at Flatland

Good morning everyone!

As you know, Labor Day is on Monday (9/4). We will be closed that day. 

However, please join us at Flatland CrossFit on Monday morning for an 11:00 am workout! Flatland is hosting a charity workout for their members (Diana Latham). You may know Carleigh Latham, one of the coaches there. There will be shirts for sale and other ways to donate. This money will go towards costly breast cancer treatments. 

You can also buy a shirt online here: http://lathamwebdesign.com/product/be-awesome-everyday-t-shirt/

If you can make it, please join! Many of the Lubbock affiliates have been there when we've had members in need. Let's return the favor. 

Please arrive a 5-10 minutes early to fill out a waiver!

See you Monday!


CFLBK + Macroholics

Many of you are aware of the life-changing results that Macroholics has to offer. Well, CrossFit Lubbock is excited to officially partner with David and his team to help you attack your fitness goals with even more speed and intensity! 

Several of our members have already been "macroholics" for months now and have seen staggering results. For example:


You likely recognize many of these faces and six packs. 

I hope you're ready to hop on board! Let's get shredded.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign-up under Team CrossFit Lubbock
  2. Someone from the Macroholics team will contact you and add you to a private members only Facebook group. If you are uncomfortable sharing in the group, you may message David privately.
  3. Similar to having a CrossFit coach, you now have a nutrition coach holding you accountable daily and giving you feedback and information to help you be as successful as possible!

Don't wait! Get started today!

Steven Willis 

4th of July Schedule

Small change to the schedule this week!

Monday, July 3rd - Normal Schedule

Tuesday, July 4th - 10:00 am Class Only!

Wednesday, July 5th to Saturday, July 8th - Normal Schedule 

Happy training!

Send-off WOD for the Joneses

Hello again everyone! 

Luke and Abby Jones have been with us since we opened over 3 years ago. This Saturday (7/1) will be their last day at CFLBK...

Below is a letter from the Joneses explaining a little bit of what they'll be doing. Luke will share more on Saturday!

Hey guys!

My wife Abby and I just wanted to briefly fill everybody in on some big changes happening in our lives soon, as well as why we won’t be around the gym after next week! (All the feels!)

Abby and I have had the joy of being a part of CrossFit Lubbock since they opened, and I was fortunate enough to start CrossFit at Capstone CrossFit under Steven’s coaching all the way back in late 2010, while Abby started CrossFit with the awesome community of Flatland CrossFit in 2012! We met through a mutual friend in 2012 and went on to start dating in 2014 and got engaged and married in 2015, which is when we decided to join our CrossFit worlds and train together at CrossFit Lubbock.

Since then, we have grown to truly love the community here at CrossFit Lubbock and have felt incredibly blessed to consider them as friends and family. As our passion for fitness and community has grown, our desire to share each of those overseas has grown as well. Which, leads us to now…

We are currently finishing up selling everything we own and will be moving from Lubbock after our going away workout on the morning of Saturday, July 1st, 2017. This summer we will be living with family and spending time with both family and friends before our really big move!

In October, we plan to board a plane to Turkey with the dream of doing CrossFit and building a community of fitness in a new country and culture! I recently earned my CF-L2 trainer certificate and our plan is to spend time learning language and culture when we arrive, as well as getting involved with some of the local CrossFit boxes in the area. Eventually, we are hoping to explore the possibilities of opening our own box in Turkey, that would utilize Steven’s incredible GoForBroke Programming!

So it is with exciting vision, and heavy hearts, that we will be saying goodbye to the amazing CrossFit community in Lubbock and all of our friends and family. The Lord has truly blessed us and this season of our lives in Lubbock and we are so incredibly excited to see what is in store!

Feel free to reach out over the next week and this Summer if you are interested in any more details or have any questions for us, as we would love to share lots of other parts of our story and what we will be doing in the coming years overseas!

We look forward to seeing anybody that can make it to our going away workout on Saturday, and whether we end up getting to see all of you before we leave or not, we just want to say thank you for the time we got to spend alongside you working out, having fun, and enjoying this truly blessed community with all of you!

We love y’all!

Luke + Abby

Please come join us this Saturday for one last WOD with this amazing couple! Bring a friend, anyone is welcome!

Afterward we will head to lunch somewhere as a group. See you Saturday!

Steven Willis