You Aren't Going To Die

This CrossFit business isn't painful, it isn't torture, and you aren't going to die. 

Don't allow yourself to lose the distinction between pain and discomfort

When you lose a loved one to cancer, it's painful. Hanging onto the bar for a few more touch and go reps at the end of a metcon when your body is begging you to slow down isn't "painful". It's uncomfortable. 


There's a distinction between that which is torturous and that which is challenging

Watching your child battle a serious illness while you are powerless to help is torturous. Eating half a serving of dinner with a protein shake to reach your goals instead of as much as you want isn't torture. It's challenging. 

You get to push your body and count macros. You don't have to. You do it because the discipline and challenge of CrossFit adds more to your life than it takes from it so let's do ourselves a big favor stop acting like pursing a dream or a goal is a burden. 

It's about to get deep and philosophical in this blog post so get ready because I'm about to channel my inner Zen Patrick...

Discontentment can't exist in thankful hearts.

Discontentment shrivels up and dies under the weight of gratitude. 

Despair, anxiety, and sorrow are all products of fear. Fear that God isn't good and fear that his plan for our life is wrong. Be faithful. Learn to give unconditional thanks for the hurdles painstakingly and lovingly placed in your way. When you do that, you'll be invincible. 

Step back and maintain your perspective when you allow something like CrossFit to rule your emotions or steal your joy. 

CrossFit isn't painful. 

CrossFit isn't torture.

The disipline and struggle of pursuing excellence in CrossFit isn't going to kill you. It's going to teach you how to be more human. 

-Coach Barnett