Personal Coaching at CFLBK

Meet Greg:


Greg Wilson is one of our personal coaching clients at CrossFit Lubbock. He's not a CrossFit Games or Regionals athlete. He's a normal guy who works at Texas Tech, has a family and a life outside of CrossFit. He wanted something that would challenge him and keep him interested. That's when he found a trainer and began his CrossFit journey. Here's Greg's experience as CFLBK Personal Coaching client:

Starting CrossFit and working with a personal coach changed my body and changed my life.
What I had been doing at the gym by myself all my adult life wasn’t accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish. Especially when I started putting on weight 10 years ago, I was less and less happy with the “dad bod” I saw in the mirror.

I’ve lost almost 50 pounds working with the coaches at CrossFit Lubbock and eating right over the last year. The workouts bring me new challenges every session—I never get bored. The coaches help me set goals and push past them. They listen and help me work around little strains and aches session to session. They are attentive to my form and make corrections to help me build strength and mobility.

At 50, I’m back to wearing the pants size I wore in High School and my cholesterol numbers are back in normal ranges. I feel strong!
— Greg Wilson

Greg is just one of many happy personal coaching clients at CrossFit Lubbock. Though the most popular goal with our clients is to drop body fat and get healthy, we also work with athletes trying to walk-on at Texas Tech, ladies trying to compete at their first powerlifting meet, and people simply wanting to spend a month one-on-one with a coach before diving into classes.

With over 30 years of combined coaching experience, the CFLBK coaching staff is more than capable to guide you toward your goals! Let's get started.

Here's how it works: 

  • Decide how many days/week you want to train.
    • 4-5 days: $400/month
    • 3 days: $300/month
    • 2 days: $200/month
  • Show up between 5:00 am and 2:00 pm any weekdays.
  • Get started NOW! Contact us below to schedule your first session with your coach.
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