Personal Coaching with DP

Our personal coaching program has been one of our most popular memberships over the last year. And with good reason! Allow me to explain why:

  1. Derrick Peoples
  2. Flat fee of unlimited sessions with a personal training (with no contract!)

Derrick Peoples
DP has been on staff with us for a year and during that time has provided nothing but excellent service for our clients. The results have been incredible! He is highly qualified and educated, with a Masters in Exercise Science. Not only that, but he has lived his own transformation. Derrick gone from a 280-pound nose guard for West Texas A&M, to a 205-pound CrossFit Regionals qualifier. He knows what he's doing! Come learn and train with him!


Unlimited Training
Most personal training is done session-to-session and usually is a minimum of $50 per session. We charge a flat rate of $400 per month for UNLIMITED sessions with Derrick. That's a savings of over $600 monthly! You don't even have to schedule an appointment, just show up between 5:00 am and 2:00 pm and Derrick will be there to put you through an hour of results-driven training. 


Whether your goal is to shred weight, get stronger, or learn the basics of CrossFit, this program is for you. 

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