Send-off WOD for the Joneses

Hello again everyone! 

Luke and Abby Jones have been with us since we opened over 3 years ago. This Saturday (7/1) will be their last day at CFLBK...

Below is a letter from the Joneses explaining a little bit of what they'll be doing. Luke will share more on Saturday!

Hey guys!

My wife Abby and I just wanted to briefly fill everybody in on some big changes happening in our lives soon, as well as why we won’t be around the gym after next week! (All the feels!)

Abby and I have had the joy of being a part of CrossFit Lubbock since they opened, and I was fortunate enough to start CrossFit at Capstone CrossFit under Steven’s coaching all the way back in late 2010, while Abby started CrossFit with the awesome community of Flatland CrossFit in 2012! We met through a mutual friend in 2012 and went on to start dating in 2014 and got engaged and married in 2015, which is when we decided to join our CrossFit worlds and train together at CrossFit Lubbock.

Since then, we have grown to truly love the community here at CrossFit Lubbock and have felt incredibly blessed to consider them as friends and family. As our passion for fitness and community has grown, our desire to share each of those overseas has grown as well. Which, leads us to now…

We are currently finishing up selling everything we own and will be moving from Lubbock after our going away workout on the morning of Saturday, July 1st, 2017. This summer we will be living with family and spending time with both family and friends before our really big move!

In October, we plan to board a plane to Turkey with the dream of doing CrossFit and building a community of fitness in a new country and culture! I recently earned my CF-L2 trainer certificate and our plan is to spend time learning language and culture when we arrive, as well as getting involved with some of the local CrossFit boxes in the area. Eventually, we are hoping to explore the possibilities of opening our own box in Turkey, that would utilize Steven’s incredible GoForBroke Programming!

So it is with exciting vision, and heavy hearts, that we will be saying goodbye to the amazing CrossFit community in Lubbock and all of our friends and family. The Lord has truly blessed us and this season of our lives in Lubbock and we are so incredibly excited to see what is in store!

Feel free to reach out over the next week and this Summer if you are interested in any more details or have any questions for us, as we would love to share lots of other parts of our story and what we will be doing in the coming years overseas!

We look forward to seeing anybody that can make it to our going away workout on Saturday, and whether we end up getting to see all of you before we leave or not, we just want to say thank you for the time we got to spend alongside you working out, having fun, and enjoying this truly blessed community with all of you!

We love y’all!

Luke + Abby

Please come join us this Saturday for one last WOD with this amazing couple! Bring a friend, anyone is welcome!

Afterward we will head to lunch somewhere as a group. See you Saturday!

Steven Willis