Hey everyone!

Great news. Dr. Jason Barker will be doing AMIT treatments at CFLBK for a discounted rate for our members! He will be at the gym every Monday from 3:00-5:00 pm beginning on January 22.

If you've never had AMIT treatments before, here is a brief description:

AMIT practitioners can predict injuries by examining and identifying instabilities in the body, which in most cases lead to injury. The new advanced therapies utilized in AMIT procedures allow for rapid corrections of instabilities resulting in improved function, removal of pain and an overall new level of performance.

Personally, I have seen incredible results from AMIT. It is easily the most permanent fix I've ever had for problem areas. The strength and performance gains are a nice bonus! 

He is treating our members for $100/session. That includes: 2 muscles treated, adjustment, graston as needed, and taping as needed. That is about half price for CFLBK members only! Take advantage! 

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