The Future is Bright

Dear CFLBK family,

I want to start by saying “thank you.” 

Thank you for all of the unforgettable memories. Thank you for all of the lifelong friendships. Thank you for all of the opportunities being your coach and leader has afforded me. I am so grateful for this gym and the people that fill it. 

CrossFit Lubbock is transitioning to new ownership. It was very important to me to pass this on to someone who is already apart of this great community and cares deeply for it. After talking to several prospects, I landed on possibly the most obvious option: Kristin Tucker. 


Many of your know Kristin already. She is truly an awesome person. She’s been gym/team “mom” for years, so now we’re making it official! Kristin will be partnering with Dr. Ryan Doss (owner of Endurance Chiropractic). Many of you have been treated by Dr. Doss. That will now be an even more feasible option as he is moving his practice into your gym!

Some of you have already heard this news, but I wanted the opportunity to tell you all myself, as ambiguity and rumors can create the worst stories possible. First, I still love CrossFit, and even more, I love CrossFit Lubbock. I am not going anywhere. I will still be coaching the 5:30 am class, programming the class WODs, and working out at CFLBK. As you may or may not know, I co-founded a real estate investment company a couple of years ago called Rebus Capital. As both Rebus and CFLBK grew, I became increasingly stretched thin. I found myself not having the time or energy to devote enough to either occupation. That is unfair to the gym, the coaches, and the members. Everyone loses. I trust that Kristin and Ryan will take this gym and run with it. You have to go “all in” to take something that’s good and make it great. That’s exactly what they’re doing! 

I hope that you are excited! I ask that you give them the same chance that you gave me. Change is difficult, but I believe this is a change for the better. They have some exciting plans ahead and I’m looking forward to standing alongside as our gym and community grows. 

Thank you again for trusting me as your leader for the past four years. The future is bright. I love you all.