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If you haven't been by, I strongly encourage you to do so! With the changes that have occurred within CrossFit as an organization, this is a very clear shift in the direction, marketing, and a major refocus on the ultimate goal of our health model.

CrossFit began as (and still is) a way to change lives; helping everyday people reach further than they let themselves believe they could go. It is about empowerment and regaining what you thought was lost forever, NO ONE is too far gone. It is not about being able to lift a max weight over head, or running a sub 6 min mile. Those things can be a lot of fun, but CrossFit is about saving and changing lives. Every box in the world shares one thing, an amazing community that refuses to give up and will support anyone willing to learn, grow, and be better today than yesterday. We see it every class, members cheering on their peers, helping them reach a goal they once thought was out of reach, and surpassing it! We laugh together, cry together, and provide a support system unlike anything in the health and fitness world.

Imagine what can happen when you teach someone they can squat or do a modified burpee (for real!) and because of this, realize they can play with their kids/grandkids on the floor! Or someone who has been reliant on others for everything, realizes they can carry groceries in from the car. The same for the 30 year old who let life run away with them, and is staring 300 or 400 pounds in the face and is facing health complications, depression, and a host of other problems.


The sport of CrossFit is fun, but it is NOT our main goal. Let's change some lives and have a ton of fun in the process! #startyoursuccessstorytoday #liveactive #morethanagym #ourcommunityisstronger

As always, we are here for you. We want to see you succeed and will do anything within our power to help you reach your perfect day.
Yours in health,